Policy Briefs

Federal Spending and the Recovery

Economists for Peace and Security issued the following statement on budget debates, pointing out that the entire premise is false and that giving in to the demands to cut the deficit imperils fragile recovery. Read the full statement here.

The statement was published by the Huffington Post February 28, 2011. Read the Huffington Post article here.

Statement by US Economists on Iraq

EPS prepared a statement against unilateral initiatives for war in Iraq, which was endorsed by more than 200 economists including seven Nobel Laureates and two former Chairmen of the Council of Economic Advisers. Read the full Statement and see the list of the signers here.

The text of the statement formed the basis of an ad in the Wall Street Journal on March 18, 2003 (click here for .pdf version).

The Full Costs of Ballistic Missile Defense

2003 study outlining the full costs of the proposed multi-layered system including land, sea, air and space-based components. Edited by Richard Kaufman, with a preface by Kenneth Arrow. Includes essays on budgetary, economic and international security implications. Commissioned by the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

Print version is available for cost of postage; to order, send an e-mail to theaharvey@epsusa.org. A .pdf version is available for free download; click here.

Inequality and Democratic Development in Russia

A policy brief based on papers presented at a 2003 Moscow workshop. Cited participants include Academicians Aleksandr Nekipelov, Ruslan Grinberg, and Tatyana Chubarova.

The Role of the Media in Reporting Conflicts

An analysis of regional strife in the Pacific Islands. By Usha Sandar Harris. A .pdf version is available for free download; click here.

Beyond Greed and Curses

An analysis of natural resources and conflict in Melanesia. A .pdf version is available for free download; click here.