November 2003

Table of Contents

The Problem of Small Arms in South Asia James Arputharaj
India and Pakistan: Danger of Nuclear and Missile Arms Race? Angathevar Baskaran
Northrup Grumman: "Defining the Future" or Profiting from War Frida Berrigan
Willing Peace Kate Cell
Moscow Workshop Report Kate Cell
The Wages of War: Iraqi Fatalities in the 2003 Conflict Carl Conetta
ECAAR-South Africa Continues Legal Action to Block Arms Imports Terry Crawford-Browne
Non-Intervention and Heterodox Economics Wolfram Elsner
Notes on the Economics of War and Empire James K. Galbraith
The End of the Bush Military Buildup? David Gold
From Defense to Development Ann Markusen
Franco Modigliani 1918 - 2003  
Institute of Social Studies Conflict and Development Conference Sam Perlo-Freeman
War and Empire: The Political Economy of US Militarism Robert Reuschlein