May 2003

Table of Contents

Bio-Defense vs. Preventive War Clark Abt
What Economic Price This War? James K. Galbraith
Choices for Economists and Business Leaders: To Speak or Not To Speak? Marcel Arsenault
How the US is Failing the Security Treaty System Nicole Deller
ECAAR Wins Arms Skirmish Estelle Ellis
Rebuilding Iraq: The US as Imperial Power or Global Partner William Hartung
Missile Defense: Can Anything Be Done? Richard Kaufman
Deploying a Campaign Promise Matt Martin
Companies and Conflict Philip Nauwelaerts
Oil and the 2003 War in Iraq Edward Nell and Willi Semmler
How the US Military Budget is a Local Issue Greg Speeter
To Put an End to War Lucy Webster
Report from the UN Disarmament Commission Dorrie Weiss