November 2002

Table of Contents

War and Macroeconomic Response Lawrence R. Klein
Mutual Deterrence and Pre-emptive War James K. Galbraith
Amartya Sen on Identity and Conflict  
Moral Leadership in Today's World  
Questions for Peace Economics: A Research Agenda Dietrich Fischer & Jurgen Brauer
Talking of Peace in Peacetime Ayesha Siddiqi-Agha
The History and Future of Weapons Inspections in Iraq Stephen Zunes
Initial Plans for an ECAAR-Germany
The New Arms Reduction Treaty and Russia's Retention of MIRV SMF's Zackary Moss
The Empty Promise of Global Missile Defense William Hartung & Frida Berrigan
Sustainable Development, Inequality and Structural Violence Lucy Webster
Offsets and Economic Development: Having Your Cake and Eating It? Geoff Harris
ECAAR at the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)