December 1999

Table of Contents

Spending More Than NATO, Russia and China Combined, The US Again Rachets up Defense Richard F. Kaufman
Russia's Economy: Financial Lessons Learned Alexander Nekipelov
Sleepless in Seattle: Reconciling Globalization and Development Isabelle Grunberg
The Role of TNCs in Promoting Global Stability and Peace Welshy Elisiva Tupou
ECAAR Promotes Land Trust for Vieques Robert J. Schwartz
A Decade After the Berlin Wall, 'Cold Peace' Replaces Cold War James K. Galbraith
Kosovo Seminar Lucy Webster
Reflections on Kosovo and US Force Structures James K. Galbraith
Swedish, South African Activists Cite Corruption in Recent Offset Deals Terry Crawford-Browne
ECAAR Takes Issues of 'Peace and Security' to Seoul Dorrie Weiss
Lethal Arrogance: Human Falibility and Danger