Peace & Conflict Economics

This is a list of organizations, university departments, and journals publishing in the areas related to EPS's mission. If you would like to suggest a link, please contact the webmaster.

Name Description
Defense Economics From the office of the US Secretary of Defense. Includes analysis of projected future costs.
Economics of Conflict From the World Bank. The major contributions of the Bank’s research began with the first research project, the Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence and continue today with the second project, Post-Conflict Transitions.
Journal of Conflict Resolution The Journal of Conflict Resolution is an interdisciplinary journal of social scientific research and theory on human conflict. The journal focuses largely on international conflict, but also explores a variety of national, intergroup and interpersonal conflicts.
Journal of Defense and Peace Economics Defence and Peace Economics embraces all aspects of the economics of defence, disarmament, conversion and peace. Many EPS members on the editorial board.
Journal of Peace Science, Peace Science, and Public Policy The journal Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy wishes to further research in Peace Science, to expose the peace science community to innovative peace related research, and to disseminate peace methods and analysis to a wider audience. EPS members on the editorial board.
Peace Science Society International A scientific association of individuals developing theory and methods for the study of peace.
UNIDIR Proposing new ideas for security thinking, UNIDIR's work brings together security, disarmament and development so that all forms of security—national, regional, global—are recognized as true manifestations of human security. English and French.