Who We Are

EPS is:


  • Directors
  • Trustees
  • Fellows
  • Affiliates

The Board of Directors is a group of dedicated professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to EPS. They are responsible for setting program goals and objectives, staff oversight, and ensuring our financial health.

Stephanie Kelton, Chair

Kathleen Stephansen, Treasurer

Lucy Law Webster, Secretary

Linda Bilmes, Member at Large

David Colt, Member at Large

Lloyd J. Dumas, Member at Large

Allen Sinai, Member at Large

Thea Harvey-Barratt, Executive Director (ex officio)

EPS has been fortunate since its inception to have an honorary Board of Trustees composed of some of the world's most renowned economists and public servants.

Clark Abt
George Akerlof *
Oscar Arias *
James K. Galbraith
Robert J. Gordon
Sir Richard Jolly
Richard Kaufman
Eric Maskin *
Daniel L. McFadden *
Roger Myerson *
George A. Papandreou
Robert Reich
Amartya Sen *
William Sharpe *
Robert Skidelsky
Robert M. Solow *, Founding Trustee
Joseph E. Stiglitz *

*Nobel Laureate

Late Directors & Trustees

Kenneth J. Arrow *, Founding Trustee
William J. Baumol
Barbara Bergmann
Andrew Brimmer
Robert Eisner
Lawrence R. Klein *, Founding Trustee
Franco Modigliani *
John Kenneth Galbraith
Sir Clive Granger *
Robert Heilbroner
Michael D. Intriligator
Walter Isard
Wassily Leontief *
Robert S. McNamara
Douglass C. North *
Thomas Schelling*
Robert J. Schwartz, Founding Trustee
Jan Tinbergen *
James Tobin *
Dorrie Weiss

EPS fellows are experts: in the economics of war, conflict, and peace; in nonprofit management; or in communications. Follow a link below to learn more about our fellows.

Marcellus Andrews
Greg Anrig
Robert Ashford
Marshall Auerback
Linda Bilmes
Cyrus Bina
George Benjamin Bingham
William K. Black
Stanley W. Black III
Alan Blinder
Jack Blum
Heather Boushey
Jurgen Brauer
Raul Caruso
Kate Cell
Manas Chatterji
Ping Chen
Mary M. Cleveland
Robert Coen
John Paul Dunne
Gary Dymski
Thomas Ferguson
Alexander J. Field
Teresa Ghilarducci
David A. Gold
Neva R. Goodwin
Alan Harper
William Hartung
Sara Hsu
Dwight Jaffee
Steve Killilea
John Tepper Marlin
Nicco Mele
William Nordhaus
Dimitri Papadimitriou
Marshall Pomer
Judith Reppy
J. Barkely Rosser
Rudi Schadt
Anwar Shaikh
Matthew Shapiro
Yanis Varoufakis
Matthias Vernengo
L. Randall Wray

EPS has affiliates in fifteen countries including the US.

European Portal of Economists for Peace and Security

Professor David Throsby
School of Economics and Financial Studies
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Sydney
Telephone: +61-2-805-8474 (office)
Fax: +61-2-9850 8324

Professor Kanta Marwah
Department of Economics
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6
Telephone: +1 613 520-2600 x3757 (office)
Fax: +1 613 520-3906

Dr. Aedil Suarez Torres Ph.D.
Acedemic Director of Industrial Department Faculty of Engineering
UTEM Chile

Angela Suarez

Dr. Joel van der Beek
EconoVision economic research and consultancy

Hamid E. Ali, PhD
The American University in Cairo
P.O. Box 74, New Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (202) 2615-3351

Professor Jacques Fontanel
Directeur Espace Europe
Université Pierre Mendès France
Faculté des Sciences Économiques
151 Rue des Universités
Domaine Universaire, BP 47X-38040
Grenoble, Cedex 9
Telephone: +1 33 47 682-5874 (office)
Fax: +1 33 47 682-5862

Professor Wolfram Elsner
University of Bremen

Professor Michael Brzoska
Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy
University of Hamburg

Dr. Eftychia Nikolaidou Chair
17 Mitropoleos st., 546 24
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: (+30) 2310253477

Dr. Darves Gopal
School of Social Sciences
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi-110068
Tel: 91-11-29535515/91-11-26492240

Professor Alex Mintz, Chair of EPS Israel, and President of the Israeli Political Science Association, Provost of the IDC in Herzliya, Israel.

Mintz is the 2005 winner of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the ISA, in Foreign Policy Analysis. His recent book, The Polythink Syndrome: U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions on 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iraq, Syria and ISIS (Stanford University Press, 2016, with Carly Wayne) received the 2017 Alexander George Best Book Award of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP).

Raul Caruso
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Institute of Economic Policy
Via Necchi 5, 20123 Milano
Prof. Luigi Campiglio, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Prof. Roberto Ricciuti, University of Verona
Prof. Gianpaolo Barbetta, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Prof. Carlo Bellative Pellegrini, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Akira Hattori


South Africa
Terry Crawford-Browne
Sandown Crescent, E105
Royal Ascot, Milnerton 7441
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel. (021) 555-4059

Juan Carlos Martinez Coll

United Kingdom
J. Paul Dunne
University of the West of England
Bristol Business School